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Resume Review and Development


There are three key elements to an effective resume 1) It needs to have meaningful content using strategic keywords 2) It needs to be ATS optimized and 3) It needs to look good.  When you have these three elements working for you in your resume, your job application to interview ratio has nowhere to go but up. 

 If you decide you would like CV Boss to develop your resume, we will provide:


  • A full and comprehensive resume intake review prior to your consultation;

  • A one-on one consultation over to discuss your resume intake, background, and future career goals in order to develop a highly customized resume; and

  • Two targeted revision periods after initial completion of your documents.

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Cover Letter Development


At CV Boss, we believe the cover letter is your opportunity to let your personality shine.  We will develop a targeted cover letter that will showcase your skill sets, talk about your career aspirations and most importantly sell you as the best candidate for the position.  We do not create generic documents.  Our philosophy is this:  If you really want to show a recruiter that you have a strong work ethic and you care about the quality of work you produce, it starts with your application! 


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LinkedIn Bio Review


In this day and age, a large majority of employers are realizing they need to be proactive in their recruitment efforts and do not sit around waiting for the right applicant to fall in their lap.  They actively are seeking their next hire using social media.  LinkedIn is by far the most widely used professional networking forum that can build your exposure to companies, recruiters and other professionals that can connect you with your next opportunity.


CV Boss will review your current LinkedIn Bio and provide you with some tips and tricks to make it unique and effective.

Don't have a LinkedIn Profile yet?

I got you covered.  I will develop one for you!



In addition to creating standard documents for your job search, CV Boss also offers supplemental documents such as Executive bios and Infographics.

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